Clixsense Scam Review – What Is Paid To Click?

By | August 31, 2014

What Is Paid To Click?

Paid Click Sites, also known as P-T-C ‘s are websites that allow you to earn money by simply clicking sponsored advertisements. In other words, click ads get paid! 

What Is Best Paid Click Sites

What Is Paid Click Sites

There’s one catch to this affiliate click pay per ad model. You’ll only get between $.01 to $.02! That doesn’t mean however, you can make thousands of dollars a month using PTC’s. 

It’s not the actual clicking of ads that will produce you $1,000’s of dollars in residual income, but is more purely based on referring people to the Clixsense network.

The real money when utilizing the best paid click sites occurs when finding the best paid click site referrals, leads and sponsors from around the world. The ability to attain paid click site referrals from around the world can lead to a very highly profitable endeavor. 


Want to know how I get direct referrals automatically every month?

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How Best Paid Click Sites Work?

After clicking the advertisement a person is required to remain viewing the advertisement anywhere between 15 seconds to a minute. The longer the timer, the higher the payout.

Paid click websites can therefore be seen as the middleman between the advertiser and the everyday consumer. The advertiser pays a specified budget to the paid to click site who then in-turn pays a portion of this money to the viewer.


Paid Click Referral Business Model:

Paid To Click Websites essentially became about as a way for people to earn money What Is Pay To Clickfrom home. Many pay to click (abbr. PTC) websites promote themselves as a great way to start earning a great online income.

Nevertheless, most paid to click websites don’t usually stand much of a chance for remaining online very long and end up losing more money than it can afford paying out after implementing an unsustainable business model. However, this is not always the case.

Very few of the best paid click websites have been able to sustain this advertising business model over-time. The main reason for this is because in order for a paid click website convincingly prove itself to consumers as a great way to earn income, they must implement a proven model that will properly incentivize their consumers/visitors to remain viewing advertisements, as well as referring others to a best paid click site.

The ability for a paid to click user to consistently refer others to the paid to click network is incredibly useful and is also how a paid click user is able to earn continual residual income. For Clixsense - What Is Paid to Click?example, just for referring a user to a paid click site, that user is paid a small fraction of a commission for each advertisement he or she views.

Therefore it’s vitally important to double-check on a paid to click websites reputation before joining and spending time attempting to make money from these websites.

For example, some paid to click websites have not been able to remain viable over-time all as a result of a lack of security measures, allowing paid to click hackers to essentially automate the clicking process, thus ramping up advertising costs and views, and proving the platform to be useless to the advertiser who then will use its money elsewhere.


The Only Best Paid Click Website – Clixsense

Clixsense has not only been the most trustworthy and time-withstanding paid to click business model, but also was the first pay click website to ever open its doors to everyday online income earners. The website nevertheless, pays out thousands of dollars to its larger earners per week, and as small as $7 a week, to regular smaller earners.


What Is Paid To Click Clixsense

Clixsense Payouts Since 2007


In addition, clixsense has implemented a 6-level tier referral platform, meaning not only do you have the potential to earn money from the people you’ve directly referred to clixsense, but also from the people they conclusively refer, and this so-called ladder goes down up to 6-levels.


Another unique addition by clixsense is the ability to earn income playing sponsored games online:

Playing Sponsored Online Games

Playing Sponsored Online Games


This is the only paid to click platform that’s been able to utilize such a highly unique and engaging referral network that’s allowed it to gain more PTC popularity than any other network out there.

Furthermore, Clixsense has not only held it’s immensely valuable reputation since its 2007 inception, but has been the leading cause as to why following paid to click patforms inevitably fail as they try implementing and utilizing this same technique.

As a result, most paid to click websites result in wrongly measuring its ability to correctly pay out the right amount to its users, and is thus a primary reason for why people call the pay to click industry a scam as a whole.


Where To Get Direct Paid To Click Referrals

My general opinion regarding a person wanting to begin earning online through pay to click websites is to start out with Clixsense. Nonetheless, it would be wise to direct both your focus and attention to try and attain a way or a method to be able to attract regularly active direct referrals, in order to continually earn.

Thus, many paid to click users end up wrongly focusing their efforts on the erroneous tactic of signing up for every paid to click website module out there, rather than sticking to one paid to click website model, such as clixsense, and then using social media and traffic techniques to help leverage traffic and new referrals on a daily basis.

How To Begin Driving Loads Of Direct Referrals To Your Favorite PTC Websites:

Here is a great place for you to get started for free. You can start by building a highly google ranked website, promoting all the PTC websites you could ever want. This has been the most successful PTC referall method, and is also the one that takes the most work. However, to ease the process I’ve placed a link for you below. 

Get Started Free.


Enjoy, and best of luck!

If you have any questions, please leave them below and I’ll make sure to get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you.


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13 thoughts on “Clixsense Scam Review – What Is Paid To Click?


    Thanks for this review on Clixsense. It really helped me learn a lot!


    Good to know that this is working out for you, hope that you will always available to put me through till I perfect in it too.

  3. Odell

    You share interesting things here. I think that your
    website is really great. Very good job.

  4. Nestor

    Clixsense is the best. Can’t recommend it enough!

    I’ve been using PTC’s for years now.

    Surprised not enough people know about it!


  5. Evelyn

    Hey Peter,

    Great review on PTC sites. I’ve tried a few and you right they come and go very fast.

    I’ve always stuck with ClixSense and yes you can make money from it with little time and effort. It’s one of the first ways I learned how to make money online.

    The referral program ClixSense offers is excellent. This program is easy money that anyone can do at any time.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hey Evelyn,

      Thanks for taking a look at my Clixsense Paid To Click review.

      Now that I’ve come to think of it, Clixsense was actually the first time I ever made my first penny online haha!

      Honestly, I believe it may have been these paid-to-click websites that lured me into the affiliate marketing world,
      and opening my own website. Pretty funny and ironic how one program has the ability to change the outcome in life so overwhelmingly!

      Thanks again Evelyn.

      Highly appreciate you taking the time to comment!


  6. Neil

    Hi, Peter

    I remember using “paid to click” website as well as traffic exchange programs in my earlier days as an affiliate marketer but many of which weren’t very effective or rewarding and eventually faded out. I have heard of Clixsense before but never gave it a try.

    Since you’ve recommended the program, it’s now on my list of programs to sign up for. Thanks for recommending it.


    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hey Neil,

      Anytime! I hope you find it easy to drive direct referrals to clixsense using your own website.

      That’s my main reason for recommending this program to others.


  7. Jennifer

    Thank you for doing a review based on getting paid by clicks. I have been looking for something similar to this.
    But I was hesitant in signing up, this review has helped me better decide, and will help others decide about being paid for clicks. I will definitely look further into this opportunity.
    Thanks again for this informative article…

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Jennifer,

      No problem! Glad this helped you decide.

      You can’t go wrong with clixsense. Just watch out for other PTC opportunities that don’t exactly live up to the hype.



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