Earning Station Review – Should You Join?

By | June 12, 2017

Name: Earning StationReview Of EarningStation.com

Website: www.earningstation.com

Price: Free

Type: Surveys & Earning Rewards

Earning Potential:

Gift Cards in the amount of $10 to $50.

No cash, but offers $50 PayPal Gift Cards.

Recommended: Yes with exceptions.


What Is Earning Station & Should You Join?

Earning Station is a legitimate online survey & rewards company with an actual physical office and location right outside of Boston. Earning Station has goals that align with the needs of their users, making payments where due and on-time.

While they used to not offer cash directly, one can now surely take advantages of the dozens of available gift cards and newly established PayPal and Virtual Visa Cards as well.  The company was founded back in 2011 and has been running strong since with new improvements and updates always being added.

Some of this website’s standout features include an easy & intuitive navigation, toll free support 1(800)-651-1981, and competitive compensation. While one might not exactly earn a living with earning station, it can certainly help to supplement your other sources of income. One of the strongest ways you can begin doing this is with their referral incentive program – earning you 10% of their earnings for life.

While this might only be a tiny glimpse into the world of online & affiliate marketing, it’s a great start for anyone to begin learning the lay of the foundation. More importantly, it’s good to realize some of the more aspects that actually make this website more legitimate than other survey companies out there, which we will be covering in the next sections of this review!


How Much Is It To Join Earning Station?

One can take solace in the fact that Earning Station is completely free to join without any obligations from you. The registration process is fairly easy, but they do ask for a lot of information upfront. For these reasons, it is recommended you don’t join Earning Station if privacy is extremely important to you.

As far as we know, this information seems to only be used to match you up with the correct surveys. Some of the initial questions asked upon registration relate to topics on your: age, gender, physical address, ethnicity, and income.

Upon entering the website, what you will find is a very user-friendly interface and navigation, which could be good enough reason alone to make Earning Station your so-called default survey company. Upon entering, you are further greeted with an opportunity to make $10 right then and there, allowing you to earn your first Earning Station gift card. Greaaat success!

Earning Station Earning Snapshot

In order to be qualified for the $10 payment, Earning Station is asking members to sign-up for 5 other websites related to taking surveys. I admit, this can feel quite misleading and confusing. But those who looking for a quick and easy reward, shouldn’t exactly mind.

While Earning Station might look pretty from the outside, does actual earning potential really exist? I believe it does, but it’s important to first ask ourselves this.. Do you know anyone – friends, family, relatives who are earning a full-time income taking surveys? Probably not, and the reason for that is full-time incomes with surveys don’t typically exist.

Just to earn a part-time income with a survey-taking company, you would probably still need to work full-time + overtime to make it worthwhile. But that is not to say this website doesn’t come in handy as it certainly can, especially those who find their spending too much time being idle, and not enough taking action!
Who Is Earning Station a Great Option For?

  • College student
  • Stay at home parent
  • Affiliate marketing beginners
  • Survey seekers & opportunists
  • Survey reward enthusiasts
  • Someone who needs quick extra cash or gift cards!


How Earning Station Works & How To Make Money!

When we look at survey companieswe usually notice one aspect in common: That is, the survey company is either a scam or legit. It is almost always one or the other. With Earning Station we can tell right away from its visible address, toll free support, and social media profiles that they have our best interest in mind.

In other words, it can be comparable to sites like Inbox Dollars and Paid Viewpoint where they pay you for completing a variety of tasks. The more popular methods are online surveys, web search, playing games, watching videos, and online shopping. As you can tell, many of these tasks do become repetitive, which is likely one of the biggest downsides worth noting.

While they also don’t have the largest selection of available surveys, they have more than plenty to keep you busy through out your day. Many of these surveys however, have very low earning potential, as apparent down below and huge consideration to take in moving forward. Some of these surveys only pay out $1 to $2 for 10 minutes of your time, which at the end of the day, is better than no earnings at all.

But to put this in better perspective, it would take you 1-2 hours of filling out surveys to reach the $10 gift card threshold. We should also mention that if you are not from the United States, you won’t be eligible to join Earning Station.

Earning Station - How To Earn?

Here are the methods being used to earn payment with Earning Station:

– Earning Station OfferWall = This section is categorized into most popular, free, exclusive, shopping, and game offers. Earnings are higher than normal with some paying $1 for every 5-minute survey (better than the previous wall we saw before). Some of these however, require signing up for a contract or paying for a trial, which is something to definitely be careful of.

– OfferToro = One of the easiest methods for making quick cash on the site, all done by watching short videos and clips. Average earnings here are around $.20 cents. You also have the option to earn money by downloading apps on your smartphone device.

– SurveyWall = The survey wall can be broken down in various sections – featured, survey poll, daily poll, peanut labs, and questionnaire giving you the opportunity to complete more surveys and get more tasks done.

– Games = The site’s latest addition is their gaming wall where you can play both casino and other games for small cash.

– Videos = Earn more watching videos based off topics on entertainment, people, sports, music, and technology. Why not get paid for something you might be doing already?

– Shopping = If you’re intending to shop online, why not check out some of the Groupon Deals offered by Earning Station for extra cash, rewards, and savings. You’ll be able to earn & redeem 5.5% cash back on all Groupon purchases. Generally grocery store coupons are also available for print-out.

– Social = Of course, we all know my favorite part of any online earning opportunity is the social aspect and getting rewarded for inviting others to your favorite programs. This is partly why EarningStation has become so successful over the years (since 2011, may I remind you). This service gives you 10% of your referrals earnings, which you can invite via social media, your website, or by sending out e-mails.

So depending on how you feel like earning some extra cash for the day, this is an excellent way of providing you an easy way to find what you’re looking for. You can also search by “Featured,” “Most Popular,” and “Reward Amount.”

Another question that might be worth asking ourselves, before becoming members of Earning Station is, how popular is the website? That way we can gauge whether or not the service is being used on a daily basis by satisfied members.

Its overall high global and country Alexa rankings are high, hovering at just over 10,000 (in the United States), with half of its visits coming from direct visitors, showing that they have many loyal members who constantly return to the site. This could give you a renewed confidence in its earning potential and overall ease of use.


What Kind Of Rewards Can You Expect From Earning Station?

In this next section, we’ll be taking a look at how Earning Station makes payments out to their members. This particular company does not make payments out in cash, but in gift cards. The one exception to the rule are with their latest redeemable PayPal gift cards and $25 to $50 Virtual Visa cards. They also offer an attractive variety of other gift card offers, as broken down below:

  1. $10 Prepaid Gift Cards (1-800-Flowers, AMC, Babies R Us, Boston Market, Best Buy, Facebook, Home Depot, Hallmark, Office depot).
  2. $25 Gift Cards (Amazon.com, Chili’s, Macy’s, Maggiano’s, Sears, Starbucks, Walmart, Target, Kohl’s, Subway, Shell, Home Depot, CVS, Applebee’s).
  3. $25 Virtual Gift Cards (Amazon, Visa, PayPal)
  4. $50 Virtual Gift Cards (Amazon, Visa, PayPal)

Though the website does not offer cash in exchange for surveys, their wide assortment of gift cards at various price ranges totally makes up for it. Their new digital reward currency is another improvement to the service as a whole and facilitates the needs of those individuals who are looking for monetary payment.

Regardless, there is a good chance you will find plenty of use with many of the other options as well. Although, we can’t expect to make a full-time income with Earning Station alone, you may find their gift cards to be rewarding in their own way and a good way to kill some time while earning some cash in the process.


What Are The Pros & Benefits Of Using Earning Station?

– Completely free to join without any obligations from you or hidden payments.

– Lots of offers to choose from with great variety (e.g. videos, games, surveys, and shopping).

– Large assortment and variety of gift cards to select from including their latest digital virtual currency made out in $25 to $50 Visa cards or $50 PayPal.

– 10,000 U.S. Alexa Rank shows how popular they are in the country and that its service is comparable to other more noteworthy, established, and reputable survey companies. Repeat direct visitors tends to show service satisfaction.

– Founded in 2011, Earning Station has been running strong since with new updates and additions like an improved interface and navigation. Its visible address and available toll-free support makes them feel more trustworthy.

– $10 Bonuses available for starting members is motivating.

– Plenty of ‘fun’ and ‘easy’ methods for earning are also available – for example, filling out a 1-second poll on your account page earns you a couple cents. Same goes for completing quick tasks like watching a daily video.


What Are The Cons & Disadvantages Of Using Earning Station?

There are also some counter arguments that can be made against the efficiency of Earning Station, such as:

– Earning money with surveys is a time-consuming process that won’t earn you as much as a real job, unless you become effective at referring other members.

– Some offers require signing up for a trial, entering a contract, or using personal and/or billing information. Avoid these if you don’t want random charges showing up on your card anytime in the future.

– Privacy can feel like a concern to some, especially since many of the offers are promotional in nature. It’s recommended you use an e-mail address that you don’t use regularly or for other purposes like work.


Earning Station Overview – Is This Your Best Option?

It depends on what you’re looking for, really. If all you need is some spare cash or change, then yes, Earning Station could be your best option, especially if you’re only looking to dedicate an hour or two out of your day.

Perhaps the main issue confronted by Earning Station and many other relevant survey opportunities it the simple fact that you can’t expect much payout. Sure, you might reach that $50 gift card after a month, maybe less depending on your speed.. But then, it’s time to start over.

I firmly believe, most people who use Earning Station do it as a way to kill time, but earn a few dollars in the process. It can also be enjoyable to some and rewarding to others who like choosing out gift cards.

So if you’re wondering whether Earning Station is legitimate, it sure is. But I guess its biggest problem is the same problem faced by any other survey website – the absence of a long-term opportunity. But if you enjoy searching the web, online shopping, or even playing an online game here and there, this can be a good way to reward your time for your effort.

In my opinion, Earning Station is still not a solution to help you earn an online income. But I do know of a great product that can help you do just that. Click below for more info!

Thanks for reading this Earning Station Review. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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