Top 10 Best Affiliate Programs For Golf

Are you looking for the best way to monetize your website on golfing? Are you simply planning ahead of time for your new golfing affiliate business? If so, you’ve come to the perfect place. In this list, we’ll be revealing to you some of the best and highest paying affiliate programs you can join in the golfing industry.

Becoming an affiliate for the golf industry is a wonderful idea and a great way to earn some online revenue. In this post, we’ll also be showing you some of our favorite programs to help you put your affiliate marketing plans into ACTION!

After all, it’s the proper implementation of these affiliate programs that will allow you to succeed. Simply signing up for each program, even though it is highly recommended, won’t alone make you succeed.

You still need plenty of tools & training in place, some of which include a domain, hosting, and a plan for writing content in the golf niche. We’ll be showing you the best ways of doing so down below. That way you’ll have a website that shines and stands out among the rest.

Without further or due, here are 2017’s top 10 affiliate programs & networks for golf!

Frederick’s Golf & Fitness

Fredericks Golfing Affiliates

One one wonderful option for golfing affiliates is Fredericks Golf & Fitness Learning Center. This particular program isn’t for affiliates looking to only promote golf merchandise, but sites that are being used to teach others how to golf. This learning center is the perfect place to send your visitors if your primary interest is in giving them instructions on how to golf. These kinds of lessons include a library full of golfing exercises, posture, golf swinging, and more. They even have some of their own training aid and equipment products that can be promoted as well. As a Roger Frederick affiliate, you will earn a 25% commission for every sale you make and a 5% second-tier commission as well!

Under Armour

While this particular well renowned store doesn’t exactly sell golfing equipment or merchandise, what they do have is golfing footwear. Who doesn’t need the best kind of golfing shoes out there? With Under Armour, you’ll be able to confidently promote some of the most professional-level performance golfing shoes that are lightweight, breathable, and resistant to water. They’re also some of the best looking golfing footwear you might ever find. There is currently no mention of a commission rate, but the program comes with a 30-day tracking cookie and with an average order value of $90 per customer.

American Golf

American Golf Affiliates

One really great affiliate program based out of the UK is American Golf. This particular online store includes all the golf merchandise one can imagine. These include all kinds of golf clubs, golf clothing, golf shoes, and even golf bags, trolleys, and GPS accessories. If you’re located anywhere in Europe, then American Golf is definitely one worth checking out as they are the nation’s largest golf retailer. Top brands include Nike, Titleist, Ping, and more. Affiliates earn a 6% commission on all sales, which also comes with a 30 day tracking cookie.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dicks Sporting Goods Affiliates

One huge retailer that offers plenty of sport-related equipment is Dick’s Sporting Goods. Their golf section is filled with a lot of awesome products you can promote. They even have a golf club trade-in program you can benefit from. Other equipment include some of the best golf clubs, bags, carts, grips, shafts, gloves, training aids, golf shoes, apparel, and more. Basically, this store has everything any golfer might ever need. No commission rate is currently specified, but links do come with a 10-day tracking cookie.

Rock Bottom Golf

Rock Bottom Golf Affiliates

Rock Bottom Golf is an excellent choice when it comes to a golfing affiliate program since the entire store is based on golf itself. Every single item this store carries is golf-related, which is perfect for your visitors searching for all their golfing needs. They have everything from golf clubs, apparel, bags, golf balls, electronics, and accessories for both men and women. Not to mention their fantastic 50% clearance section. There is currently no specified commission percentage but a cookie tracking duration of 15 days.

Global Golf

Global Golf Affiliates

Global Golf is another great golf niche site to consider using as an affiliate. That’s because just like Rock Bottom Golf, this company’s products are entirely dedicated to the best golfing gear in the industry. What’s really great about this program though is that not only can you shop for gear, but visitors can also make golf club trade-ins as well. This trade-in amount can further be used and deducted from any future purchases. The kind of items in shop you can expect include golf clubs, grips, headcovers, shafts, apparel, and bags to name a few. Golfers will also find plenty of used, new, and custom clubs to choose from as well. Visitors can also see the ratings on each golf club before making their final choice. Affiliates can further earn up to 8% in commission rates per sale!

Pro Putt Systems

ProPuttSystem Affiliates

If you’re looking for some of the highest paying commissions in the golf niche industry, then one program you’ll want to try is Pro Putt Systems; granted to say that your conversion rate probably won’t be as high as other smaller priced items. But this is a great way to promote some more awesome golf products on your site. With this program, you’ll be given the ability of promoting actual indoor putting greens and systems. This can be just one great example of turning your website into a business that can help attract a newfound interest to practicing golfers. Affiliates not only benefit from a nice 90-day cookie, but commissions ranging from $80 to $450 per sale.


MyScoreCard Affiliates

MyScoreCard is another awesome choice for any golfing affiliate. Why do you ask? Well for one it adds an awesome sense of creativity to your website and two, it provides a service to golfers we don’t normally see anywhere else. This particular program allows golfers to get online mobile and golf handicap tracking. Made for beginners & experts alike, MyScoreCard gives its users statistic and performance reports so that they can improve their game, and who doesn’t want that? Affiliates earn a 16% commission on registered users, which translates into a $5.60 commission for each 3-year membership purchase.

Golf Training Aids

Golf Training Affiliate Program

Let’s say you’re in the golfing niche and you’ve created a website that trains and teaches newcomers and experts in the field of golf. Well what better way to incorporate a program with products that is entirely dedicated to golf training. With Golf Training Aids, you will have the opportunity to promote full swing aids, short game aids, putting aids, golf grip aids, junior products, and so much more. Simply said, this is the site you want to join if you’re looking to promote nothing but the best training aids in the golfing industry. With Golf Training Aids, affiliates get a 20% base commission rate and a 30-day tracking cookie on all links!


TeeOFF Affiliate Program

The last and final option we for you guys is TeeOFF by PGA Tour, which is an awesome service and solution for golf sites that want to help visitors find golf courses and clubs to play at. TeeOFF is a very easy and convenient service to use, which your audience is sure to love. The site is looking for high-quality publishers interested in generating additional revenue. TeeOFF affiliates are able to earn a 6% commission on all net sales. The service further offers over 3,000 courses in 22 various countries.

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