Niche Business Ideas

A  List Of 100 Profitable Niche Business Ideas!

Coming up with a new niche idea for your website or business isn’t always the easiest thing. Hopefully, this list of 100 niche ideas will help spur up some ideas for what your new niche website should be.

You should also take into consideration, the type of affiliate programs you want to join for your new niche. For example, we have hand-picked top affiliate programs for niches like movies & streaming, music, sports merchandise, and more. Make sure to check them out!

Few more things to consider are:

– Taking your time when choosing your niche. Having an effective strategy beforehand can help big time. Always ensure you’re creating a site that serves the needs of the users.

– Picking a niche or topic you have a genuine appreciation in. Once you have a few in mind, start narrowing them down and choose the one that interests you most.

– Coming up with a plan for the build and design of your new niche website. Experimenting with WordPress on your own can also be a great way to get a lay of the landscape.

– For those in affiliate marketing, check out our top marketing tips for 2017.

– Last but not least, good luck and I wish you well in finding your perfect niche. No matter what, do me a promise, and build the best website you can. Looking forward to it! :)

Categories to expect in our top 100 niche list:

  • Weight Loss100 Niche Business Ideas
  • Computers & Tech
  • House Appliances
  • Business Softwares
  • Clothing Ideas
  • Electronics
  • Home Gardening
  • Outdoor Recreation & Sports
  • Performing Arts

If you have more ideas to add, please leave them in the comments section below. Last but not least, let me just say that starting a new website and coming up with the proper content ideas, isn’t always the easiest thing in the world.

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Thanks for checking out the following list guys and please leave some more ideas in the comments section below and let us know which niche you’re thinking of choosing!


Profitable Niche Business Ideas For Weight Loss

How To Lose Weight For Women (e.g. talk about specific diets, certain experiences, diet comparisons and the advantages and disadvantages of each, discuss new fads, learning to review marketed products)

How To Lose Weight For Men (e.g. discuss weight-lifting and protein supplements, gym experiences, lifting safety, gaining muscle vs. losing weight and ow they tend to conflict with one another, give your audience goals to work towards, maybe upload your own handmade spreadsheet that your visitors can digitally check off on each day, to get repeated visitors to your website.)

Cooking Recipes (e.g. a straight-forward, and well-defined niche, although you could narrow down your topic even further. You could focus on vegeterian recipes only, or both. However, the more targeted you narrow down your niche, the more-likely you’ll have higher user engagement on your website.)

Low Carbohydrate Diets (e.g. Paleo Diet, whether you’re looking to focus on one or two specific diets is really up to you. You can use this niche as an opportunity to review a lot of the diets out there being marketed, and giving your take on them; ex: do they simply seem too much of a marketing ploy, or is it legitimate? This is information people die to know!)

Low Fat Diets (e.g. write about why you prefer low fat diets over low carbohydrate diets. Do lower fat diets give you more energy then if you were to be on a low carb one? Possibly talk about diets that incorporate both fat and carbs.)

How to Get Stronger Abs (e.g. People searching for stronger abdominals on Google almost always precisely want information on that, and only that. Hence, you may feel while creating your website, online business, or whatever it is, to have your vision solely mirrored on six-pack abs. Find all the ab excercises you possibly can, and put it on your website. Find related products to sell. Really leverage this information, and for example maybe, have a certain featured ab exercise for the day, or week)

How to Gain More Muscle (e.g. Similar to above except this niche is a lot more wide-range. Hence, you’ll have to cover exercises concerning just about every tendon, ligament, and muscle of your body. This isn’t necessarily a bad niche to cover, as it will allow you to focus on a wider range of information. Thus, you can limit the amount of exercises, for example, having just 4-5 really great exercises for each body part)

Weight Loss Applications and Software (e.g. Here is a good niche, due to its current growth, especially with iPhones, tablets, and such. Hence, think about the type of apps, and software that could really help people in the whole weight loss battle. Give reviews of such applications and software, along with recommendations)

Weight Loss Books and Courses (e.g. This is straight-forward, but important nonetheless. Think of the many books being published on amazon and Kindle, even for free, that you can cover and review. You could even have an e-mail newsletter going out to your visitors of highly rated, newly-released, free to cheap books!)

Weight Loss Exercises (e.g. simply combine advice from- all the above!)

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Profitable Niche Business Ideas For Computer Security & Internet

1. Anti-Virus Softwares for Mac’s

2. Anti-Virus Softwares for PC’s

3. Different Kinds of Spyware Software

4. Computer Invasion Fraud & Prevention Techniques

5. Identity Theft Prevention

6. Computer Firewalls and Internet Routers

7. Different Types of Hacking

8. Wireless Network Securities

9. Honeypots & Honeynets, What are they? What do they mean?

10. Protecting and Backing Up Your Website – Best Ways of Doing so, why it’s so important.

11. How To Control E-mail and Comment Spam

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Profitable Niche Business Ideas For House Appliances

1. Types of Fridges (e.g. manufacturers, sizes, prices, & features)

2. Crockpots

3. Stoves and Ovens (e.g. How to replace your new stove? What kinds of stoves are out there..?)

4. Barbeques  (e.g. talk about grills, how to throw a barbeque, how to barbeque, safety..)

5. Blenders (e.g. both handheld and countertop types)

6. Breadmakers (e.g. How they’re used, what they’re used for, reviews of the best & worst kinds)

7. Electric Kettles (e.g. Why a person needs one these days!)

8. Waffle Irons (e.g. Do they make better waffles, or not? Which ones you recommend? Which ones you don’t?)

9. Countertop Grills

10. Various Water Coolers and Filtration Systems (e.g. How they work? Which one’s work effectively and which don’t?)

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Profitable Niche Business Ideas For Business Software

1. Business Plan Software (e.g. and why it’s essential to a business man or woman’s success)

2. CRM Software100 Niche Business Ideas

3. Microsoft Office Software (e.g. vs OpenOffice Software – advantages/disadvantages)

4. Survey Software (e.g. best vs. worst online survey softwares, paid vs. free, how they can be used to capture an audience)

5. Barcode Software (e.g. what are the costs involved..)

6. Powerpoint Software (e.g. for mac and pc’s)

7. Inventory Software (e.g. different kinds for different purposes, a convenience store inventory, to talking about a persons Amazon FBA)

8. OCR Software

9. Flowchart Software

10. Spreadsheet Software (e.g. Microsoft Excel Alternatives, Creating Your Own Visual Tutorials for your Audiences)

Profitable Niche Business Ideas For Car Electronics

1. Various Car Stereos (e.g. how to install manually, bose vs. cambridge soundworks)

2. Automobile Subwoofers (e.g. price ranges and models, where to buy them)

3. Amplifiers (e.g. talk about quality)

4. LCD Monitors (e.g. the many features and benefits involved)

5. Keyless Entry (e.g. statistics on how it’s benefited people)

6. Car Alarms (e.g. statistics on how much its prevented theft)

7. Phone Chargers For The Car (e.g. and maybe a story on how it saved you when your car died in the middle of nowhere)

8. GPS Systems (e.g. and why everyone must have one)

9. Car DVD Players (e.g. and its benefit for children)

10. Demobolizers


Profitable Niche Business Ideas For Clothing & Apparel

1. Bathing Suits For Women (e.g. which look best, which are fashionable, comfort vs. looks)

2. Men’s Swimwear And Bathing Suits

3. Plus Sized Clothing (e.g. great retail stores to visit and online shopping as well)

4. Consignment/Used Clothing (e.g. the amount of money in yearly savings, and how much it adds up over-time, talk about what the best items are to buy, and be on the lookout for)

5. Men’s Suits (e.g. casual vs professional, bowties vs. ties, types of suits to wear on many different occasions, how to properly dress from head to toe)

6. Custom T-Shirts (e.g. ideas of how and where they can be made, what their uses are, why customizable t-shirts can make for a heart-warming present)

7. Outdoor Wear (e.g. hiking boots and their effectiveness, your favorite outdoor wear stores, outdoor wear savings, and what/when to buy items through out the various seasons)

8. Organic clothing

9. Yoga Clothing (e.g. and maybe certain accessories, or clothing preparations for a hot yoga session vs. a regular yoga session, where to buy the best most comfortable yoga clothing outfits)

10. Golf Attire (e.g. mention the importance of shoes and possible affects on performance, why dressing appropriately is honorable to the game of golf, and how it can help you fit in to different types of golf clubs and events)


Profitable Niche Ideas For Home Gardening

1. Tools For Gardening (e.g. the most effective, different types of gardening tools for various gardening activities, tools that have proved useless/useful in your own experience)

2. Manual Lawnmowers (e.g. the advantages of purchasing a lawnmower from the internet, the importance of going to a Home Depot or Lowes to look and inspect the lawnmower upon making a purchase, the significance of reviews, checking to see if the lawnmower has a a warranty on it or not, maybe talking about durability as well and the importance of looking at the purchase as an investment)

3. Growing Vegetables (e.g. fruits, carrots, and vegetables! talk about now only how healthy it is to grow your own vegetables for eating, but even the psychological affects it has on a person who’s interested in growing a garden, talk about the essentials necessary in growing a garden, and the required patience)

4. Fertilizers and Soil (e.g. the bad vs. the good kind)

5. Landscape Design (e.g. how it can and/or will improve the beauty of your entire house)

6. Ponds (e.g. benefits of living near a pond, pond activities)

7. Automated Sprinkler Systems (e.g. how much of a time-saver it can be than doing so manually, how to get them installed, best types of companies to use)

8. Hydroponics (e.g. explain how it works)

9. Perrenials

10. Do it Yourself Books (e.g. write your own reviews of the best and worst ones, talk about the places to buy them)

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Profitable Niche Ideas For Sports & Outdoor Recreation

#1. Archery (e.g. how difficult it is starting out, how enjoyable it becomes as you get a better, how the sport is advantageous to your mind’s well being and co-ordination, talk about the sport’s history)

#2. Camping (e.g. how to make a fire the hard way! 😉 , best types of tents, dangers to beware of, what to bring and what not to bring to maximize the camping experience, best camping spots around)

#3. Canoeing (e.g. how it can turn out to be a fun hobby, more than people may initially realize, and it’s immense strengthening benefits and how and why it can minimize a person’s stressful attitude of getting their ‘lazy bum’ up and off to the gym)

#4. Firemaking (e.g. manual vs. automatic, the importance of keeping essential skills such as this an on-going learning technique and habit, due to its usefulness in various situations)

#5. Scuba Diving (e.g. why it’s a whole lot better than snorkeling, what about it that makes it feel so adventurous and unique in regards to our everyday experiences here on land, show video clips of various scuba diving places, talk about the right equipment and of course, keeping safe)

#6. Four Wheeling / Quading (e.g. where it’s legal and not legal, where to go and rent and/or buy a four wheeler, why it makes for an excellent vacation time)

#7. Skiing (e.g. make sure to differentiate your topics into beginning, intermediary, and expertise, then maybe talk about different slopes and mountains, talk about how to effectively ski without injuring yourself, and keeping an eye out at all times, also talk about solutionary tactics to the different problems beginning skiiers are confronted with)

#8. Geocaching (e.g. talk about what it is, explain in detail the rarity of this unique hunt for treasure, and how subtly, but yet prevalent it occurs almost all around us)

#9. Gold Panning (e.g. various locations, and how to properly prepare yourself, also use visuals to capture your audiences attention)

#10. Rock Climbing (e.g. best rock climbers of all time, how to face the fear, how to work your way up as a beginner, and the required strength and persistency of practice that is involved to work your way up to more advanced rock climbing areas)

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Profitable Niche Ideas For Tobacco

#1. Cigarettes (e.g., a story of how you, your sister, friend, or relative quit, maybe try to keep it optimistic, depending on how you want to approach this topic and what you’re aiming for, but also talk about alternatives for quitting such as the new, and fast-growing e-cig industry, compare the health issues and benefits of switching)

#2. Cigars (e.g. the best cuban cigars, why some are illegal and facts of as to how that came about, and the history behind it, discuss its historical use, and how it’s been enjoyed by many figures in our past, also talk about potential health hazards and possible cigar addiction)

#3. Smoke shops (e.g. how to open one, benefits of having a retail vs. online store, or maybe even both, explain the investment costs, and how to best profit out of opening a smoke shop)

#4. Humidors (e.g. explain what they are, why they are important for cigars, and how better humidors lead to a longer-lasting iventory, and savings in overall costs. Talk about the numerous benefits of investing wisely from the start, as well as how to about properly maintaining them)

#5. Lighters (e.g. you could talk about bicks versus generic lighters, you can open your own online e-commerce shop selling lighters with various logo’s on them, which could be very profitable by the way)

#6. Electronic Cigarettes (e.g. this is a very big niche overall, and very rapid growing, in order to stand out among the crowds, you shold think about affiliating yourself with the many various E-cig programs out there, and reviewing each and every one of them. That way when people go to purchase, you’re able to make commission off each sale. Hence, a somewhat sort of alternative to the lighter niche example mentioned above)

#7. Cigar Cutters (e.g. you can become an affiliate for this niche actually, and show and talk about the thousands of various cigar cutters out there, that literally range from pennies, to a thousand dollars, for a simple cutter! Now if that can’t get your audience’s attention, something’s wrong)

#8. Ash Trays (e.g. from glass to metal, various styles, and designs, maybe discuss and compare vintage and antique ashtrays, while simultaneously incorporating them into a lighter/cigar/cigar cutter online type commerce shop! I’m sure there’s not too many of those out there)

#9. Stop Smoking Products (e.g. the different kinds, patches versus pills, and the costs.. use ecigarretes as a “alternate method”)

#10. Stop Smoking Services (e.g. employ a forum, discussion, or community, open up your own service where people can go from the luxury of their computer to talk about issues and get help for them as well)


Profitable Niche Ideas For Dance & Performing Arts

#1. Performing Magic (e.g. How to make a career out of it, How to get yourself known through social media portals, How to learn magic, How the best magicians came to be the best; their qualities, how they practiced, certain acquired skills, and talents)

#2. Circus Clowing

#3. Dance Recitals (e.g. Performing your best in front of an audience, Tips and advice on how to rest and relax the night before, How to give it your all, Talk about historical dancer’s and their lifestyle, what made them unique, what was it that made them perform so well, talk about their initial fears as well to help best relate with your readers, and give them the ultimate confidence to overcome it all)

#4. Juggling (e.g. Why some people can juggle and other’s can not, How it may be more relative to the way your right and left brain hemispheres work and coordinate with each other just as it is in terms physically, How practice leads to perfection, and videos, tips, advice on how to practice)

#5. Theatre (e.g. Should drama be my college major? What happens if I graduate with no job as the result, Talk about potentially using it as a minor instead, and majoring in perhaps something where there are wider career opportunities)

#6. Ballroom Dance (e.g. Who started it? Why are there are certain steps to it? How it’s evolved into today’s hip-hop and jazz type dances..)

#7. Gymnastics (e.g. It can be for boys too! Why do you think some guys can do backflips, and front flips so effortlessly… Are they indeed hiding a certain youthful “embarrassment?”)

#8. Square Dancing (e.g. Incorporate this style of dancing with other similar dances, and explain how it evolved)

#9. Irish Step (e.g. So your saying, this did start in Ireland afterall, correct?!)

#10. Dancing Shoes (e.g. Why you can’t dance without proper shoe lacing!)

Profitable Niche Ideas For Books

#1. Fiction vs. Non-fiction novels (e.g. discuss the differences between the two and perhaps the best fiction books and non-fiction books of our generation)

#2. Biographies & Autobiographies (e.g. have your website centered around the lives of authors, discuss the best biography and autobiography books out there, and books that might describe different learning experiences in the past)

#3. Books For Different Age Groups & Genders (e.g. books for males, females, teens, kids, toddlers, college students, adults, grandparents, and seniors)

#4. Books On Different Topics (e.g. talk about books for relationships, marriage, going to college, different religions affiliations, finances, and any other topics of importance)

#5.  Books On Different Hobbies (e.g. books on various activities that could relate to art, music, sports, entertainment, business, outdoor/indoor activities, and any specific hobby you can think of)

#6. Books In Different Genres (e.g. discuss the best horror books, history books, mystery & crime books, romance books, science fiction & fantasy books, fitness books, and so forth)

#7. Best Student Textbooks (e.g. books on subjects based on science, history, English, mathematics, business, computer, education, medicine, philosophy, politics, and psychology)

#8. Best Books of All-Time (e.g. you can talk about your favorite classics of all time, best books in various genres, the most well-known books, and/or the most read books that have been read)

#9. Magazine Subscriptions (e.g. discuss the best magazine editions, talk about magazines on different hobbies and topics, and the benefits of subscribing to a particular magazine)

#10. Best Audio-books (e.g. audio-books in different genres, best-selling audio-books, newly released audio-books, the benefits of using an audio-book versus reading a traditional book)

So there’s my list of 100 Niche Business Ideas. My hope here is that it’s helped given you a better idea and understanding of how to actually break down a niche and keep it targeted for your audience. That should result in higher engagement and more profits for you. 

Make sure the niche choose is something you really have an interest and/or appreciation for and is something you don’t mind talking about all day. 

With your new niche website you should expect to regularly respond to comments concerning your niche, coming up with fascinating new content ideas, and teaching as much about the subject as you can. This is what’s going to result in your successful new niche website. Start building your niche website here and get all the training you need for your online success!


Build Your New Niche Website Here :)


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  1. This is amazing post. I like all the ideas but I was looking for health niche terms. It would be great if you suggest some profitable keywords on health niche. Appreciate your post. Thanks

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    • Awesome Bella. So glad to hear this list helped motivate you in finding your new niche. If you ever need a hand, feel free to come back and let me know!

  5. Hello
    Finding a niche especialy for a beginner can be a real headache and most end up choosing the wrong thing ow something too broad that they can not be able to cover.
    lm glad you have gone deep and explained each niche as it`s supposed to be if anyone is looking for a niche.
    l myself l struggled with a niche and have to say it took me 6 months to find a niche.
    Wish l had found your site back then, could have saved me from so much unnecessary work that l now can not use.
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    • Wow, 6-months is a long time, but I’m glad you found something worthwhile. Feel free to use this list of niches anytime you need to brainstorm! :)

  6. WOW!! Great, well written post! Why have I not come across this site before? So much more informative than what I’ve come across so far! I could have saved myself hundreds of hours bumbling around the internet wilderness forever.

    I’m going to study your methodology. Off goes the TV in the background, phone is on mute. Coffee made. No plans for today. Perfect. Time to dive in… Thank you so much!

  7. Abdul Muhaimen | October 16, 2016 at 10:32 AM | Reply

    Thank you very much… I have questions for you. Will it be competitive if I select my niche about computer security? What should I do after selecting my niche? explain shortly.. Thank you.

    • No problem at all Abdul. I can’t tell you exactly how competitive the computer security niche might be. But one thing you could do is sign-up for a keyword tool like Jaaxy to get a more accurate measure!

  8. Peter, you do not know how much you’ve helped me with this post, incredible!
    I was a little lost, not knowing where to start, now I see a light at the end of the tunnel, Thank you very much!

  9. I felt smoking and tobacco niche appealed to me. Kinda good niche with problem solving capacity and huge demand. Thanks. Can u suggest me some affiliate for this niche. Thanks for the advice.

  10. This is a really good list. Do you have any ideas or products for the dog niche ?
    Linda :D

    • For the dog niche, you could always start by promoting products off Amazon. But depending on what you’re looking for, you could always go with this site here as well: – which has everything from food, flea & tick prevention, to bedding. Basically any of the products you see on that site, you can promote!

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  12. Hi Pete!

    This is an awesome list. Finding a niche is the crucial part when creating a website but you make it easy by giving some sort of niches.

    Thanks for this.

  13. This is a great list, find good niche ideas has been one of my major difficulties, because not all we find has a good search volume and at the same time with low competition. I like these ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  14. The key to finding a good niche is not in trying new things or being creative. Those are great habits to have because you never know when you’ll stumble on the next big thing, but they won’t get you where you want to be in terms of income.

    Omar Saady

    • It depends Omar. If you have something that you’re really interested or passionate in, it’s only going to make your website that much stronger. I agree that it won’t alone determine your income. But it can definitely help in regards to the amount of work and effort you put into your niche website daily. Thanks for your input!

  15. Awesome list you’ve compiled here Peter, just goes to show that there are so many niches out there that it is possible to make money in! In my opinion there are two things you should think of when selecting a niche – (1) pick that you have a genuine interest or passion in, and (2) that has sufficient number of different products with suitable price points that you can promote and sell.

    Also it’s paramount to be able to put you own little twist or spin on whatever you’re doing to make it unique from everything else out there on the internet! The good news is that usually that just involves being yourself though :)

    • Great outline for anyone to follow Jolie when choosing your niche. It’s always important to pick something you have a genuine interest in because starting a website can really be like starting a business in a way. It’s also a lot easier when you have plenty of products to promote in your niche, than just a few. At the end of the day though, I always find that following rule #1 is most important.

      Your last advice is another great one. People are always more inclined to engage themselves with interesting or creative topics. Now it doesn’t have to be overly fascinating, but something your audience can relate to and find helpful in their daily lives can definitely be a big boost to the success of your blog!

  16. Hello Peter,

    Wonderful, so many great niches in this list!
    I was just about running out of ideas & now I’m all charged up with a ton of brand new content!

    One of my chosen niche is improving grip strength – this one goes into fitness & health category. Stronger handshakes & crushing can of soda with bare hands type of topics.

    You’ve been very thorough to put it all together. It takes some serious effort! I like your detailed yet simple & genuine approach – You definitely know how to connect with the audience!

    I think this topic is excellent for anyone who’s struggling to get started, or simply out here looking for new angles. Like me..hehe

    Consistent, easy to read & exciting stuff.
    Wow, I’ll be back for more!


    • Wow great niche Henry. Very targeted yet specific and should appeal to a good sized audience. Also I’d imagine the competition shouldn’t be too stiff here either. This is a niche you can definitely capitalize on and am glad you stopped by to share your plans with us. Thanks for the complements as well. Best of luck!!

  17. Hello, This is a great site and to give ideas to those who is struggling to find a niche and make a website about is ingenious, I haven’t decided yet what the next niche will be, but you have given me new ideas after looking at your website, I wish you all the luck in the world and I honestly believe this will work for you :)

  18. This is some awesome information! I had so many new ideas come to me just from reading this! Thank you. It just goes to show you how much there is out there to create content about and even though so much content is created these days, we also consume so much content. We constantly read review, reports, comparisons, ect.

    • Such a true and wonderful statement Luke. The amount of content that can be found on the internet is just overwhelming and I find it to be such a privilege to be able to provide our thoughts and opinions to others, while creating our own business at the same time. Glad this post inspired you with some new niche content ideas. If I can in help in any other way, just let me know!

  19. Hello,

    Holy crap I’m glad I found this site. I better bookmark it before I forget haha. I recently started a blog and I have to say coming up with ideas if one of the hardest things there is to do. Can you elaborate on any tip for coming up with my own niche ideas? Also how do you decide whether or not a particular niche is profitable?


    • Great to hear you’ve started your own blog as well Anthony. It’s a big start and agree with you in that coming up with a good niche idea isn’t always easy. There are a lot of ideas out there and knowing which one to choose can be a task.

      My advice to anyone picking out their first niche is to pick something they have a passion/interest in or a lot of knowledge in. You almost always tend to do better since you’re not just looking at it from the business side of things. In my opinion, almost any niche out there is profitable. Even if you have just one or two products you’d like to promote, you can be very profitable.

      Just always make certain there is some kind of affiliate network or program that’s related to your niche. Sometimes you’ll find plenty of products to promote on Amazon, and other times you’ll find products on Clickbank for example. Either way, by providing quality content to your readers, you can make almost any niche as profitable as you want. The online audience is huge!

  20. Man, this article is a true gold mine for many who are thinking of starting some online activity. I know for sure that people are very undecided when it comes to niche ideas. I have one question though. When you give so nicely structured narrow niches, I am thinking are they too narrow. Imagine, you will have to write posts and pages a couple of years once weakly at least. So how to find enough material if the niche is narrow? I have always been puzzled with this.

    • Hi Jovo, good question and I think finding out just how narrow or large we want our niche to be is something we all face with at the start (especially when you’re looking for fresh content to write down the road). But I think the best and safest way for anyone is to really start small and narrow. That way you can always expand down the line if need be. But if you start too big, it might be harder to narrow down afterwards.

      I’ve also always found that by thoroughly researching our niche, we can always find new and creative topics to write about (i.e. forums, relevant niche sites, social media). Though not necessary, the more targeted the better as that will appeal more to your targeted audience and help you stand out amongst the competition!

  21. Thanks for the great detailed list of 100 profitable niche businesses ideas. This is a great resource that I’ve bookmarked for future reference. One thing that comes to mind is sports industry, which I don’t believe you’ve covered here — there are plenty of niche opportunities there with lots of products to promote. I’ll be looking at this more closely over the next couple of days. Thanks again.

    • No problem Paul. The sports industry is another great one and something I hope to cover in the future. You’re right about the fact that the number of niche opportunities is almost endless. Thanks for bookmarking my site Paul. Hope to see you here again soon!

  22. Hi,

    This is really a stock of business niches. Merci beaucoup! But unfortunately you didn’t mention my niche which is a investment and motivation.

    Anyway, I have bookmarked it for referrals. I hope you will update it and add my niche specifics to it.

    Thanks for the stock of niches. Keep the spirit because I am thrilled.


    • I appreciate it Daniel and I’m sorry to have left out this awesome niche. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get every niche on the list. But investment and motivation is definitely a great one. I’ve seen a few sites like that on the internet, but am moreso interested on how you managed to intertwine these two topics together as they definitely go hand in hand. Best of luck with your niche site and if you see anymore niche business ideas not on the list, definitely let me know!

  23. Your content has given some of my readers effortless journey in choosing niche, hope to have more of this from you anytime, great work.

  24. Thanks so much, this has really helped me, I chose a niche and keywords to start and because I’m newbie and I’m still not sure if they will work, if you don’t mind can I send it to you to see your opinion about it.

  25. And about the keyword, is it better to choose a keyword which are directly related to the product

  26. Thank you so much for sharing these niche ideas I was lost to choose a niche, I am intersting in affiliate marketing I want to start, after readding I’ve found that ‘outdoor recreation’or hobbies generaly is very good niche what do you think and any advices about it

    • Hi Sara you’re very welcome. Outdoor recreation is a great niche. In-fact any niche can be a good one. But what you want to do is narrow it down even more. For example, you could target people who like to go camping or kayaking. Then from there start to go broad and expand. This will help you to focus you’re site more while targeting individuals who are searching on that specific topic. If you’re looking to get into affiliate marketing, which in my opinion is the best way to go, you should check out Wealthy Affiliate. This will definitely help you build out your website with a solid game plan and foundation.

  27. Hello. Thank you for the video. You’r very good at explaining how to find a niche, step by step, which happens to be my next step with Wealthy Affiliate. So excited :)

    – Christian

    • Anytime, you are more than welcome Christian, and am so happy to see your progress with W.A. You’re doing a great job. Keep it up, and before you know it, your new website will start receiving hundreds and even thousands of visitors, every single day!!


  28. Artice Jeffries | March 21, 2015 at 7:18 PM | Reply

    Great niche ideas…I have used many of these ideas on my website.. They work

  29. Wow, thanks so much, this has really helped me choose which sort of niche I want. I’m debating between basic electronics, with soldering and stuff and making circuits or a niche in computer anti-virus and things like that. More likely to go with the electronics one, do you think this will work? Thanks

    • Haha hey Tim! Thanks for checking out my post and I’m happy to see it’s helping you decide on your new niche. I really like your idea in choosing a niche related to computer anti-virus and security. That would be perfect! So many people these days are looking for information and products on how to better protect their electronics from harm as well as in keeping their own personal information better secured as well. It’s almost like hitting two birds with one stone. Anyway this would be a great way to go Tim and I really do hope you go along with it, Cheers :)

      • So are you saying that I should do the computer virus niche? The problem with this one I was thinking, would be I’m not a complete expert on it, and I think I would run into problems of writing content. I have a feeling that it would only take a few posts until I run out of ideas.. However with the electronics one, there there seems to be lots of things I could have affiliate links for, such as soldering irons, electronic components, robotics kits, etc. Also, since I do electronics at school, I think I have a better understanding of it and I could write a lot more content. I probably have to investigate the computer virus one though, because I’ve only really been researching the electronics niche. I guess I could kind of write some stuff about how to make your computer faster and cool tricks you can do on the computer, so maybe I should do that. I’ll have to research it some more and then I’ll PM you with some information. This niche has to be perfect because I really don’t want to end up changing again, lol! Thanks a lot :D

        • Hey thanks again for replying about this Tim and I’m happy we were able to sort out your next online marketing venture! As always you know where to find me if you ever need help. Let’s turn this next niche of yours into a profitable one shall we? :)

  30. This is a great start for people looking for a niche. It may not be complete but at least it gets the juices flowing. Nice!!!!

  31. Hi Peter, what a list! And you didnot even have thought about my niche, kids, kids art, kids toys, all about kids stuff, that alone would fill up dozens :) greetings Loes

  32. You have a great site here, Peter! You have a lot of helpful information, that will help me with my affiliate marketing. Thanks :)

  33. Hey Peter,

    I was running out of idea on what to write for my next post until I came across your article. Your list just provided me with some great inspiration. How on earth did you manage to get all these niche ideas???

    Thank you heaps!

  34. Joanna Sanchez | September 3, 2014 at 9:39 PM | Reply

    These are all great Pete. Some of these I never even thought of.

    • Thanks Joanna!

      Yea must say this post took some time to write, but I got a good amount of influence from WA actually!

      Anyway glad it could prove useful! :)


  35. Wow, what an amazing and comprehensive list of possible niches. Perfect for anyone starting out and struggling to know where to start. Will definitely come back to check this page out again when I need to think of new ideas.

  36. Awesome niche ideas Peter! This has certainly helped me to understand a lot more how to narrow down ideas for my niche sites.

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