Top 5 Best Books On Search Engine Optimization

By | April 12, 2017

Knowing proper SEO is critical to your online success, as both a blogger and webmaster. Utilizing the proper, and most latest, up-to-date techniques can make all the difference in your rankings and growth of your website. Regardless of what you’re job is online, using the best SEO techniques should apply to every website owner out there.

While SEO isn’t an overly difficult thing to learn, it’s a field that is constantly evolving and changing with time. This makes it all the more important to stay up on the latest SEO strategies. That way, you, your website, and team, will always be ten steps ahead of the curve, which can be hugely advantageous when it comes to long-term success.

Last but not least, our knowledge of SEO can always be improved and is a type of awareness that can always be sharpened. Since SEO can be very decision-based, these following books can help you make better SEO decisions, both now and in the future, for better and more prosperous search engine rankings. Without further or due, here are our top 5 SEO books of 2017!


5. SEO Guide [2017 Edition]: SEO Guide For Beginners Vol. 4 by Kent Mauresmo

SEO Guide 2017The 2017 edition of SEO Guide is a very straight-forward and easy to understand book on search engine optimization geared and tailored towards beginners who don’t have any prior SEO experience. Much of this book focuses on basic principals dealing with off and on page SEO.

After reading this book, you’ll get a better understanding of how to perform proper keyword analysis, optimize title and meta tags, proper content structuring, image optimization, installing and setting up SEO plugins, and off page SEO advice.

All the principals in this book have been updated to reflect all of the latest SEO methods you need to know about. For those just starting out with SEO and web building on WordPress, this book can help you do so on the right foot.


4. Search Engine Optimization 2017: The Complete Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners by Tim Barnes

SEO 2017This book written by Tim Barnes gives a great outline as to how the search engines work and crawl your website. Much of the information and details provided in this book are great at giving the SEO beginner insight as to how Google works and what to expect when building your first website.

Chapters and information in this book are primarily geared towards beginners and cover a nice array of topics. These include information on keyword research, what back links are used for, why social media is significant, local SEO, latest Google updates, advertising on Adwords, and a list of SEO tools you should be using.

While the book isn’t entirely comprehensive on SEO, all the information has been updated to reflect the latest 2017 changes to SEO, and will give you a great outline for utilizing proper SEO strategies moving forward. If you need something simple, easy to understand, and a book that is great for SEO beginners, try readying Search Engine Optimization 2017 by Tim Barnes.


3. SEO 2017 – Learn Search Engine Optimization With Smart Internet Marketing Strategy by Adam Clarke

Best SEO Books

If you’re looking for a proper and approachable step-by-step guide to search engine optimization, look no further than SEO 2017 by Adam Clarke. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned veteran, SEO 2017 does an excellent job at outlining the fundamentals.

What’s great about SEO 2017 is that it is now the latest and most up-to-date edition you might find on SEO. Walking you through all the latest Google algorithmic updates, you’ll be creating websites with your game face on, after diving into SEO 2017.

In addition, you’ll get a list of Adam Clarke’s most recommended SEO tools to make your job and life easier. The entailed SEO concepts elaborate on both beginner to more advanced SEO concepts, which you can consistently work your way towards learning.

You’ll also find a couple great chapters on dominating local SEO, if that’s where your business is and even learn how to target buyer keywords for additional search traffic. The book further concludes itself with its final chapter on PPC marketing – something I know many of us wish to be doing at one point or another.


2. SEO Fitness Workbook, 2017 Edition: 7 Steps To SEO Success On Google by Jason McDonald PhD. 

Best SEO Books 2017If you’re the kind of person who needs to feel a little more engaged and active when reading, then the SEO Fitness Workbook is for you. More than just a book, this publication by Jason McDonald PhD. actively walks you through many of the basic and more advanced SEO strategies with workbook exercises to complete.

These are based off SEO topics like keywords, on and off page SEO, content marketing, link building, social media, and local SEO. The book goes beyond just worksheets however.

In addition, you can expect to learn how to build a website properly, how to understand and use Google analytics successfully, and what type of SEO tools you should be using. The step-by-step worksheets on SEO, included SEO Toolbook, and links to online SEO videos gives this book plenty of value to look forward to!


1. SEO For Growth: The Ultimate Guide For Marketers, Web Designers, & Entrepreneurs by John Jantsch & Phil Singleton

Best SEO Books Of 2017One thing this book really understands is that SEO is absolutely vital for properly growing your online business. Without utilizing the best SEO techniques and practices, you might find your traffic in a rut. SEO For Growth by John Jantsch & Phil Singleton help put a stop to non-effective SEO practices by giving you some of the best and most experienced SEO knowledge out there.

If you need a better, deeper, more elaborate insight to how algorithms work in general, this could be a book worth checking out. One of my most favorite aspects of this book is it doesn’t only focus on the SEO game, but on your success as a whole. In this book you’ll learn what it means to create really awesome and valuable content and how to even re-purpose old content for better long-term growth.

You’ll learn how to increase overall user engagement on your site by means of social media. Conducting more valuable keyword research, managing successful PPC campaigns, and quality link building tactics are also topics you can expect to find in SEO For Growth.


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