Top 10 Best Affiliate Programs For Music

In today’s post, we will be rounding up the best affiliate programs made for music. If you have a music-themed website and are looking for a way to properly monetize and make money with your prime piece of web space, then sit tight and enjoy as we cover the top ten ways to monetize your music based business.

Whether you’re an artist, group, band, or musician, these affiliate programs will allow you to reap the benefits of your work by recommending other music, or your own, within your content. Without further or due, here are ten of the most beneficial ways to monetize your music website. Also, make sure to check out our #1 recommended affiliate course for getting your site started on the right foot!



Workout Music Affiliates

While Workout Music might feel like a less popular choice, it is certainly a wonderful option that appeals to a targeted, but expansive niche.. After all, who doesn’t want the right music to listen to when working out? And, what better way of going about that dilemma than with a website and program that dedicates itself to giving you the best workout music on a platter?

Regardless of taste and/or workout type, Workout Music provides a huge variety of top hit music that can be used for all kinds of workouts. If you haven’t checked it out, this could fit right in with your site, depending on your niche and how you want to direct your site. For those who have a fitness category on their site, Workout Music is a great choice!

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Beat Brokerz Affiliate Program

If you have a large enough hip-hop audience or crowd, then you may be interested in presenting some of the latest and hottest mixes and beats by up and coming producers. So you’re asking, how is that even possible? With Beat Brokerz, you’ll be able to present some of your latest and favorite hip-hop, dirty south, club, R&B, trap, pop, underground, east coast.. Should I keep going? And, totally hip music to your audience.

It’s perfect, and if you think it ends there, it doesn’t.. Beat Brokerz not only presents itself to crowds interested in hip-hop, but even electronica, funk, rock, and reggae. If your site has a big enough music production aspect to it, then using an affiliate program like the one with Beat Brokerz is such a creative idea that can give your music producing crowd more beats to love and create music with. Sweet!


8. ROCK.COM Affiliate Program

For those sites, who have dedicated their website to the rock music niche, look no further than this program right here. might not only be the most perfect domain name, but is also the most perfect affiliate program for those who need rock music, rock gear, and everything rock music genre-related to give to their audience.

This affiliate program includes everything from apparel, accessories, home & decor, tickets to live events, and of course, all your favorite classic rock music albums of all-time.



Ticket Master Affiliates

If you’re audience is primarily based out of the U.K., USA, or Canada, then this is an affiliate program you have to try. The entire program, which is set-up off of ticket based sales is the world’s number one largest retail seller for live music, theater, and sport events worldwide.

Let’s say there is an up and coming concert you’d like to promote on your website. What better way of promoting that concert or event then by letting your audience know about it with Ticket Master. Sound like a win-win situation? You bet!

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Sheet Music Affiliate Program

One very smart way to monetize your music-based website is with Sheet Music Plus. This is true if what your website’s primary focus is on teaching individuals how to play a musical instrument. Whether it’s a piano, clarinet, or guitar, Sheet Music Plus has a huge collection of famous music to browse through.

Not to mention, a very lucrative affiliate program for recommending the site to your audience as well. The best aspect of all is that there are over 1,000,000 sheet music titles to choose from giving your audience a never-ending music selection to choose for their next musical play, song, or rehearsal. So why not give this program the chance it deserves!



Musicians Friend Affiliate Program

This e-store could really be considered a musicians best friend. With constant deals going on with just about any kind of musical instrument you can imagine, why not promote some of their products?

From actual instruments to PC software and hardware, you’ll find Musicians Friend offers a plethora and variety of tools to enhance the music in your life. Options for financing more expensive equipment is also offered on the site with a lucrative affiliate program offering anywhere up to 6% on all final sales.



Guitar Center Affiliate Program

Now what would this list be without one of the most famous musical instrument retailers in the world? For those who couldn’t wait to get their hands on a program like Guitar Center, wait until you hear of their generous commission fee offering up to 8% on all final product sales.

As the site has implied, this could mean commission eligibility on something as simple as $5 guitar strings or a Guitar Center recording studio that could cost as much as up to $50,000. For those with a website in the music recording industry, this is definitely one affiliate program to consider incorporating within your content.

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eMusic Affiliate Program

If you haven’t heard of eMusic, this is a great option for those in the music industry. The reason you may like to recommend eMusic is because it offers a valuable solution to a large problem. That problem deals with computer space. There is only so much space and music that can be kept on your computer, so why not store your music in the cloud instead? This is exactly what eMusic allows you to do.

In addition to offering plenty of indie music, they offer unlimited cloud storage for you to store your music. This makes it an especially valuable software or commodity for users who use it in addition to iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play, where those users are using plenty of their valuable hard drive space to store this music. Each new trial member to eMusic earns you a $6 commission.



Amazon Prime Music

Believe it or not, but Amazon also has music you can recommend! The nice thing about Amazon is you’ll be giving your audience a choice of purchasing physical or digital copies of many given albums or songs. Equally important is the fact your audience has a huge selection of music to browse through in any category you can imagine.

For those who are in a band, why not try recommending some of your favorite instruments, hardware, or software? You’re audience will greatly appreciate all the music tips you send them their way and could be more inclined to trust your personal recommendations to them. Don’t forget about Amazon Prime Music, which gives consumers eligibility to receive 2-day shipping as well!



iTunes Affiliate Program

Can you believe that even Apple has a movie and music-based affiliate program? All of this, done exclusively through iTunes will allow you to recommend the best and most mainstream artists, movies, and shows, directly to your audience.

The wonderful thing about iTunes is that there are a huge number of Mac users out there, a great portion of which your audience is using. Chances are if they have and are using a Mac, they’ve more than likely utilized iTunes at some point in their lives. So why not direct them to your favorite TV show or album while you’re at it, using one of today’s most universal software?

Last updated: November 8, 2017 (11-8-2017)

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